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DStV - German Association of Tax Advisers

DStV (Deutscher Steuerberaterverband e.V.) is the umbrella association of 16 regional tax adviser associations representing more than 36,500 voluntary individual members of the tax advising professions in Germany. Those professionals include all professions that are allowed to provide tax services in Germany: Tax Advisers, Auditors, Sworn Accountants, Tax Agents and Lawyers.

While DStV was established in 1975, the history of its regional member associations dates back to the late 1940s. As their umbrella organisation, DStV co-ordinates their interests and opinions in questions regarding professional policies and promotes them on national, European and international level. This is realised through active participation in the legislative process concerning tax law and professional regulations, accounting and auditing standards as well as SME relevant legislation. Even though DStV fosters the realization of its goals through a strong co-operation both with national organisations (e.g. the Tax Adviser Chambers, the co-operative DATEV and other associations) and international professional bodies like the EFAA (European Federation of Accountants and Auditors for SMEs) and ETAF (European Tax Adviser Federation). Apart from these bodies, DStV attends various technical committees and working groups.

Any of these activities is aimed at supporting the tax profession in meeting the current requirements and preparing it for future challenges.

DStV issues the monthly professional journal "Die Steuerberatung".

Deutscher Steuerberaterverband is the governing body of Deutsches Steuerberaterinstitut (DStI).